Who are we?

CFE group works in construction and renovation and is also active in real estate development, multitechnics and investments.

CFE group is building the future on the foundation of four activity pillars: ‘Construction & Renovation’, through different leading and innovative companies, ‘Real Estate Development’, by means of BPI Real Estate, ‘Multitechnics’ and ‘Investments’. Each of these clearly defined activities have their own philosophy but join hands through their common vision on societal values and excellence.

Construction & Renovation

CFE is building the world of the future and sustainability is at the heart of all its activities. We can count on a wealth of experience and expertise as we have been one of the leading construction and renovation players on the Belgian market since 1921. Today, our activities have also expanded to Luxembourg and Poland. Even though we might be over a hundred years old we keep moving forward and are focussed on digitalisation and innovation. We’re a pioneer of sustainable and circular construction and we take that responsibility seriously. The best examples are our wooden and hybrid buildings in the Benelux.

The ‘Construction & Renovation’ pillar of CFE group consists of: Arthur Vandendorpe, BPC Group, CFE Polska, CLE, Laminated Timber Solutions, MBG, Van Laere , Wood Shapers en Benelmat (construction site assistance)..


This pillar of the CFE group is the One-stop-shop offering integrated solutions to multiple end-markets.
VMA is a strong multitechnical partner, offering sustainable technological and innovative total solutions. They are a leading player on the market of multitechnic installations for the construction and industry sector and excel as a supplier in the field of automatisation and robotisation.
MOBIX is your partner for multidisciplinary projects in the railway and infrastructure sectors. It’s the only market player in Belgium that offers his clients a triple expertise in the fields of Catenary, Signalling and the construction of railway tracks.


Real estate

Developing projects that will shape tomorrow’s cities, inventing new ways of living together and creating the cohabitation spaces of the future – through its real estate development business, BPI Real Estate positions itself as a major driver of change by upholding the basic values of sustainability, architectural quality, respect for the environment and community involvement. BPI Real Estate operates in Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland. 


CFE group and Ackermans & van Haaren use their preference shares in Rent-A-Port and Green Offhsore to invest in sustainable and green initiatives. Rent-A-Port develops greenfield projects for the construction of ports and associated industrial zones, primarily in Vietnam. Green Offshore holds equity participations in the development and exploitation of Belgian offshore wind farms.

We are actors of change. 

In a nutshell, we are drivers of change: we add value, create links and improve mobility. We are committed to shaping tomorrow’s world by wholeheartedly embracing our corporate social responsibility and maximising our positive impact. Buildings, infrastructure, environmental projects, mobility: the CFE Group can be found at the very heart of society, with projects that often transform and improve the daily lives of thousands of people. This vital role is inconceivable without a keen sense of social responsibility and sustainability.