Changing for good

Grow our community to change for good

CFE’s ambition is to challenge the status quo. To identify what is unsustainable and change it. So we can make sure future generations can live and work in a prosperous environment.

Together with our community of heroes, we can create a positive impact for tomorrow. That’s what we do every single day with our employees, workers, customers, partners, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders. All passionate people on whose expertise, professionalism, and commitment we can relentlessly rely on.

In 2023, we came closer together, forging new bonds & delivering great results. We made awesome projects Happen, with a strong Engagement to #ChangingForGood, being a Reliable partner, growing as One team, while keeping Safety top of mind.

We are looking forward to 2024 to further grow our community to #ChangingforGood.

“It only takes a spark to start a Change for Good. Imagine what all our sparks combined would be able to unleash! I am really looking forward to seeing what we will accomplish together in 2024.”
Raymund Trost, CEO CFE

Do you believe in change? Do you want to participate and contribute? Then join us!
Because together there are no limits to what we can achieve.

Our purposes and values

We bring people, skills, materials and technology together in a community of change for good.

Our <strong>purposes</strong> and <strong>values</strong>

Sustainability and innovation

Discover our commitments to fulfil our societal role: to become the heroes of future generations by defending their well-being.

<strong>Sustainability</strong> and <strong>innovation</strong>

Our strategy

Discover SPARC as a H.E.R.O.: our strategic principles for working towards positive change while positioning ourselves as a winning group.

Our <strong>strategy</strong>

Stay informed about our latest projects, articles and reports as well as our hero jobs.

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