External commitments

Lasting partnerships

Inspired by our vision, the CFE Group is committed to creating lasting partnerships. We have therefore devised various actions to make our customers, suppliers and subcontractors aware of our group’s values and vision and to encourage them to follow our lead. Together shaping tomorrow’s world! 

Belgian Alliance for Climate Action

The Belgian Alliance for Climate Action encourages Belgian organisations to set ambitious climate goals and achieve them. Members of the Alliance undertake to align their operations with the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement.



The aim of the YouthStart organisation is to help early school-leavers regain their self-confidence and think about a future career. Each year the unique YouthStart programme supports 800 or so 18- to 30-year-olds. 



Faast is a think-tank dedicated to innovative sustainable construction. Faast’s game is to give a clear view to its partners, and help them to be the most sustainable, open-minded and innovative-oriented.



The co-building ecosystem brings together different players in the construction industry around a common sustainable project, while at the same time providing a structured framework conducive to quality exchanges. The difference and complementarity of our businesses will provide the ideal environment to achieve real results.