Invest for good


Investing in sustainability

Together with Ackermans & van Haaren, the CFE group invests in sustainable initiatives, via participations in Deep C Holding (former Rent-A-Port), GreenStor and Green Offshore.

Deep C Holding develops greenfield projects for the development of ports and related industrial zones, mainly in Vietnam.

GreenStor develops battery parks to store green energy. One of these parks, BStor in Bastogne, Belgium, is the largest battery park in the world in terms of storage capacity.

Green Offshore has interests in the development and operation of Belgian offshore wind farms.

Together, changing for good

Together,<strong> changing for good</strong>

The next generations deserve new heroes. They deserve hope. That’s why at CFE we're stepping up our ambition to challenge the status quo. To uncover what isn't sustainable and change it.

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