ESG information

Together shaping tomorrow’s world ?

“Together shaping tomorrow’s world” is a fine goal – and one that the CFE Group has not set lightly. Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts illustrate how our vision and activities are focused on current and future performance. 

A mindset, not a trend

The CFE Group operates in different industrial sectors and geographical areas around the world. Its ability to be responsive and create lasting partnerships with all stakeholders is one of the key factors in its success and in its capacity to achieve its sustainability ambitions. At CFE, sustainability is not a trend; it’s a mindset that’s ingrained in every employee. 

Measuring impact

The CFE Group is active in a number of areas, all of which have a major impact on society. An analytical method has been developed to measure the extent of this impact in great detail. In this way, we not only create an impact on society through our objectives, but also provide measurable KPIs.

ESG data analysis ?

If you want to carry out an ESG data analysis, these links provide further information :