CFE starts work on ZIN – a boost for circular construction

CFE began drilling the first pile foundation for ZIN, a multipurpose project in the Nord business district in the north of Brussels. The redevelopment of the WTC 1 and 2 towers for Befimmo will be an innovative and sustainable undertaking, with a circular approach as a key factor. A real boost for the future of sustainable building!

About CFE Contracting
CFE Contracting is one of the three divisions of the Belgian industrial group CFE, which encompasses the group’s construction, multitechnics and rail activities in Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland. This business division specializes in the construction and/or renovation of public, residential and industrial buildings, electrotechnical installations, production and industrial process automation, HVAC and electrification works for high-voltage networks and railways.

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Ann Vansumere
Communication Manager
tel.: +32 2 661 13 97
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