Our purpose and values

CFE - Changing for good

Our purpose : discover the role we want to play in society.

The future generations deserve new heroes.

That is why at CFE we challenge the status quo every day. We see what is unsustainable and change it. Because ss a group, we operate in four core businesses that can shape the world. Therefore, we have a responsibility to care for tomorrow's generations.

We have a responsibility to be their new heroes. Yes, we are committed. By bringing people, skills, materials and technology together in a community for positive change. And we are not afraid to share that ambition with the world. Our community is borderless.

Do you believe in change? Do you want to participate and contribute? Then join us! Because together we can change the world. Because together there are no limits to what we can achieve.

Our purpose : discover the role we want to play in society.

We bring together people, skills, materials and technology in a community of change for good.

Wat does it mean?

  • We bring together

We create synergies by bringing people, skills, materials and technology together. Because it’s synergies that will bring much more accelerated results than one could bring independently.

  • Change

Active in the industries that are key to shape the future state of the world, we have a big responsibility to take up. We have to challenge the status quo and change what is not sustainable.

  • Community

We want to take up a leading role in society. We want to be relevant for people, inspire and unite them. That’s why we have the ambition to create a real and infi nite community around us. A movement of people who want change and believe in it.

  • Foor good

We want reinvent value creation. That’s why together with fi nancial indicators, sustainability indicators become the heart of our business: they become one. We will integrate these new performance indicators to create a balance between people, planet and profi t and thus generate a positive impact.

Our value

These are our common values that inspire us as 'heroes of next generations'.
They will guide us all to create a culture of positive change within the CFE group.


  • Happener

We never let a chance pass by to make change happen, to make a difference. Our attitude is "Yes, and", not "Yes, but".

  • Engaged

We do the maximum for clients, partners, people and the planet: we fight for them.

  • Reliable

We have great principles and live up to them: we say what we do and do what we say.

  • One

We act as one team because we know that synergy leads to a higher levels of excellence. Together we are stronger.

Our pledges

Discover the promises that we hold and the values we fight for to realise our purpose.

Discover the promises that we hold and the values we fight for to realise our purpose.

Stay informed. Our latest projects, articles and reports as well as our hero jobs.

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