Our strategy,
for good.

Discover our strategic principles and values for positive change for future generations.

Discover our strategic principles and values for <strong>positive change for future generations.</strong>

SPARC, our strategic principles for working towards positive change while positioning ourselves as a winning group.


We change by putting sustainability and innovation at the heart of our strategy.


We strive for excellence for our customers in risk management, business processes and resource productivity.


We accelerate our growth by creating integrated platforms.


We create long-term value for all our stakeholders.


We put our people and stakeholders at the heart of our business. We act as a true community internally and externally.

Discover our engagements and the values we fight for to realise our purpose.


  • Our engagements on sustainability
    • Respect our people
    • Create healthy working and living spaces
    • Renovate on a massive scale
    • Decarbonise construction
    • Promote circularity
    • Improve energy efficiency
    • Invest in smart technology
    • Build the future of mobility
  • Our engagements on innovation
    • Invest in fossil-free technologies, bio-based materials, intelligent energy optimisation, smart buildings, waste management and circularity, smart site logistics, digital twin and virtual commissioning
    • Create partnerships with industry frontrunners who share our values.


  • Our engagements on performance
    • Risk management and operational excellence :
      • Be selective in our projects
      • Leverage best practices
      • Monitor and control the processes
    • Resilient and proven business model :
      • Benefit from complementary capital and expertise from across the group
      • Maximise group synergies
    • Solid track record of value creation :
      • Commit to rigorous capital allocation
      • Growth businesses and selective acquisitions


  • Our engagements in acceleration
    • Accelerate through platforms for sustainable growth
      • Via sustainable real estate development (low carbon, smart and healthy)
      • Via VMANAGER - next generation smart building management tool
      • Via wood & hybrid construction
      • Via simulation, automation and visualisation technologies
      • Via integrated and A-Z project management expertise

Discover our values that guide us to fulfil our societal role.

These are our shared values that inspire us as 'heroes of generations'.

They guide us towards a true culture of positive change within the CFE group.


  • Happener

We never let a chance pass by to make change happen, to make a difference. Our attitude is "Yes, and", not "Yes, but".

  • Engaged

We do our absolute best for clients, partners, people and the planet: we fight for them.

  • Reliable

We have great principles and live up to them: we say what we do and do what we say.

  • One

We act as one team because we know that synergy leads to a higher level of excellence. Together we are stronger.

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