Great place to work

The strength of the CFE Group is directly linked to the talents of its various teams. 

These human resources are far more than an anonymous pool of employees. In all sectors, our activities rely on highly specific expertise and skills. This is why we attach great importance to a number of basic human values: well-being in the workplace, health, safety, enhancement of skills, training, etc. 

Safety first

The complex and technical nature of our business compels us to find and retain talent. The CFE Group endeavours to create the best possible working conditions and to reduce the pressures often associated with some of our jobs. It goes without saying that safety is the cornerstone of that commitment. All the companies in the group strive for zero accidents and develop highly specific awareness and information strategies.

The constant improvement in safety and in working environment and conditions makes CFE as a whole an even more attractive employer. We offer a workplace where each individual can flourish, feel at ease, develop at their own pace and thereby fully play their part in building tomorrow’s world.

Discover the CFE Group strength

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