Offer innovative solutions

Constant quest for innovative solutions

The CFE Group’s successes owe much to the implementation of efficient processes and the use of purpose-built technologies. The operational excellence of all our companies is based on a constant quest for innovative solutions, not only in the day-to-day management of administrative procedures or relations with our various partners, but also in the development of technologies that can radically change our way of life.

Digital development

The unrelenting and rapid development of the digital environment and new technologies forces us to adapt. Computer-aided systems, connected tools, dedicated applications, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, digital modelling: all these solutions now form part of the CFE Group’s DNA. The development of synergies between our companies, facilitated by digital technology, is an additional asset for the future.

Innovations both large and small

Innovation is about much more than going digital. Our group seizes every opportunity to improve or be more sustainable. Just think of the innovative projects and applications we have rolled out, such as offering integrated solutions for buildings in terms of energy performance, timber-frame construction and new 3D software for process automation, or investigating solutions for importing renewable energy such as hydrogen. We do not shy away from revolutionary innovations, but we firmly believe that the little things we do every day are just as important. That’s how we all make a difference together.

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