Partner for change

We live in a world that is constantly changing

Every day, the needs and demands of coexistence combine with climate and demographic challenges to change our way of life at an ever-increasing pace. Conceiving, inventing and building a better future for all: the CFE Group is ready to take up those challenges and is keen to be a driver of change.

Exploring avenues of innovation

Energy, transport, hospitals, housing: the accomplishments of the CFE Group are profoundly transforming our society and bringing about positive changes in many areas. As partners of businesses and public institutions, we provide them with expertise and skills that go far beyond their expectations. CFE proactively explores avenues of innovation and is a pioneer in the field of sustainable construction. 

Discover CFE's engagement to be an actor of change

Find out how CFE innovates to promote sustainable construction with wood.

Find out how we think about tomorrow's cities in our property development projects.

Find out how we are rethinking techniques that have been used for decades.

Find out how we help customers on the road to energy transition.