Towards climate neutrality

CFE & horizon 2050

The European Council, which is composed of the Heads of State or Government of the EU member states, is aiming to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050. This target illustrates the growing importance of environmental challenges at all levels of society. The CFE Group shares this commitment and is already implementing various measures to achieve climate neutrality in the long term.

Reducing CO2 emissions

The issue of transporting materials and waste is crucial. Optimising these transport flows is the first tool that the CFE Group employs to reduce the carbon footprint of its projects. The synergies between our divisions and the use of cutting-edge planning tools make it possible to reduce the number of journeys, while our vehicle fleet is becoming increasingly environmentally friendly. Employees are also encouraged to use sustainable means of transport.

Energy efficiency

Increasing energy efficiency is a key challenge on the road to climate neutrality. The CFE Group is well aware of this and ranks as a leading player in this area. Systematically opting for green or renewable energy wherever possible, on construction sites, in residential projects and in offices, is now a given within our group.

The CFE Group can also claim a leading role in meeting the growing need for access to affordable, reliable and renewable energy. We also keep a close eye on other forms of renewable energy.

Discover the measures CFE takes to reach climate neutrality

Towards climate neutrality